Rewind 2018

REWIND 2018 New Zealand Weddings

2018 you’ve been a bloody ripper, you beauty!!!!

2018 you’ve been a bloody ripper, you beauty!!!!

Another year another banger! Thank you to everyone that has helped me, hired me and trusted me through 2018. You guys are the real MVPs! I’ve been from the top of the North Island right down to the South Island of New Zealand and even had the chance to do a couple of destination weddings in the beautiful Cook Islands and Fiji.

To all the amazingly talented vendors, the venues and shout out to the catering staff who always feed me up good, with you guys being awesome it makes my job that much more fun and easier!

And finally to all the loved up couples, the people who hire me and the people who like me haha you guys help me do the things I love and also help me get the opportunity to spend time with my kids, high five you bloody legends!

I’ve whipped up a post from my weddings from 2018 in the link below, shout out to my 2019 and 2020 weddings, looks like we’re in for a another ripper!

Thank you!