The summer wedding season is about to begin!

The start of my wedding season is just around the corner! So inbetween I've been busy with mini shoots and my other creative love, design.

Here's a little peak of one of the recent design jobbos, love the simplicity and cleaness of it...even if I'm being a little bias :-) 

Can't wait to blog up a whole bunch of beautiful this summer!

Last of the winter weddings, Jomie & Shannan!

The last of the winter weddings for the year was of the lovely Jomie and her superman Shannan, and it's finally here on the blog! 

Check out all the goodness!

Jomie & Shannan awesome winter wedding!

Jomie & Shannan awesome winter wedding!

Ponies in Pohangina

Dolly and Bindy, cute or what!

Dolly and Bindy, cute or what!

Been a bit hectic in the old Le household the last couple of weeks, weddings, design jobbos, my little Izzy in hospital, the list goes on...

The world keeps spinning and life keeps on trucking and now it's Friday! Had a fun sesh with the Rolton/Sandbrook gang out at Pohangina last weekend, dodging the rain and trudging through the mud in me gumboots. Check out some of the piccies from this fun sesh below, even the ponies, Peanut and Blueberry got amongst it.

Check'em out

TGIF Wedding!

Josh telling Helen one of his many classic jokes!

Last Friday I got to hang out with these lax cats! Helen and Josh got married at The Chalet in good old Palmy, two very cruisey, laid back peeps right here!

Relaxed, fun and chilled would describe their winter wedding, just how i like it! 

Sneaky peak frame of Josh telling Helen one of his classic jokes, classic!

Winter photo fun

Winter photo fun

Winter = cold.

Had a quick family photoshoot with these cute cats. They still managed to crack some smiles in the freezing cold! Natural light, free lensing goodness! No photoshop needed. Checkout the swish spiderweb haircut on little Quinny, pretty swish!

You little ripper!

A little bit of e-shoot goodness at the beach with these two cute kids!

Between having a laugh, watching people watching us and us getting frozen we managed to fit in a little e-shoot with Laura & Romany just outside the Kapiti Boat Club.

These two kids definitely love life and love each other, cute! Couple quick frames from this weekends shoot, more to come...