Milky Milk Station

Two years in the making, 3 seasons of the Block NZ, one baby, two wedding dates, a birthday, Andy in a red dress and three pregnant bridesmaids.

Alycia + Maurice's wedding day at a very wet and rainy Milk Station, was well worth the wait, you beauty!!! Ps his names not actually Maurice and he's not actually maori, ay Sam.

A bunch a beautifulness, so much more to come! 


Kate + Rhys - Tarureka

Kate + Rhys standing in the rain at Tarureka Estate

This weekend wrapped up the last wedding of my wicked wedding season! I had the pleasure of documenting Kate + Rhys wedding at the always stunning Tarureka Estate.

The hairdresser pulled out via text, the bouquets were wrong and it rained buckets. But with the help of awesome friends and family it didn't stop these two troopers having the best wedding day EVER!!!

And what do you do when it just keeps raining? You smash out some epic photos!

Kate + Rhys - Bloody good looking roosters!!!


The right wedding at Tarureka Estate

David + Krystle married at Tarureka Estate in Featherston

Wrapped up my busy week by travelling down to little old Featherston for the wedding of David + Krystle at Tarureka Estate. 

The rain was pouring down but with a bit of Jim Hickey luck it cleared in the afternoon, just in time for the wedding! 

Here's a quick sneaky frame from yesterdays ripper little wedding!