A new way of printing your wedding photos

With the way the world is these days people seem to think of printing their photos as an after thought. Some leaving it off their packages as they’l do it themselves, others because of the cost of albums. So I’ve been beavering away trying to look at alternatives for my sweet couples (and other couples!). And here is what I’ve come up with - Weddings Magazines! I know a tonne of my couples look through countless magazines like Together Journal, Hello May and New Zealand Wedding Magazine for inspiration and ideas for their big day, so why not finish it off with your very own personalised mag!?

The initial cost of these badboys are third the price of a traditional wedding album, and getting additional copies are even cheaper!

So if you’re wanting to finally get your images in a magazine, or haven’t got around to making your own album, hit me up for pricing and let’s make awesome happen!


Amanda + Hayden's wedding in  Pohangina Valley

Amanda + Hayden's wedding in Pohangina Valley

Amanda + Hayden kicked off my 2018 wedding season. Pohangina Valley treated us to some scorching hot summer sun, buckets and buckets of rain and a whole bunch of thunder and lightning. 

Check out the full preview below!

Here comes a little Jimmy Thunder

After a self imposed 2 week summer break with the fambam I was back at it again for the wedding of Amanda + Hayden.

They married in the sweet little corner of Pohangina Valley, surround by their closest friends and family, and even old Jimmy Thunder said hello during the ceremony before it pissed down buckets!!!

Here's a couple quick frames from their sweet wedding!

Hey I shot a film...

I was lucky enough to be a part of these two babes intimate little wedding held at sunset on top of a hill overlooking the beautiful east coast beaches of Aotearoa.
We hiked up the hill for 30 minutes, I took some snaps, we had a sunset picnic with bubbly and in between it all I shot a little film.

Pictures to follow...

Kate + Pearce // Tauherenikau

Kate + Pearce's backyard Olive Grove wedding

Kate + Pearce's backyard Olive Grove wedding

For your lazy Sunday viewing, the backyard wedding of Kate + Pearce at Tauherenikau Racecourse. When your parents just happen to have a freaking amazing olive grove as their backyard, you might as well make the most of it.

Sun, rain, easter eggs, stories about how perfectly amazing Kate is and the roasting of Pearce - the Watsons wedding, check it out!

Kate + Pearce // Wedding

Sarah + Neth // The Milk Station

Sarah + Neth's swoon worthy wedding at the Milk Station, Otaki

Sarah + Neth's swoon worthy wedding at the Milk Station, Otaki

Sarah + Neth married at the beautiful hidden gem that is the Milk Station in Otaki.

Every little detail was beautiful, Sarah + Neth were surrounded by some of the most loving and tight knit friends and family I ever did see, and they sourced some wickedly talented vendors!

Happy in love, summed up these two. All the best for your future together, thanks for letting me share in your special day!

Check out the full preview in the link below!

Sarah + Neth // The Milk Station

You’re a wizard, Harry

Wrapped in a little family history - Karl + Joanna, wrapped in Joanna's great Grandmothers veil, those real feels!

Sometimes you just got to get shit done. That's what Karl + Joanna did, on the way to help clean up from the previous nights wedding they decided to just go ahead with their wedding. They asked if the venue was free, tick, then they asked me, tick. Couple months later and some awesome prep, these two potters said I do!

More to come from these kids! A little Lovie-osa!

Take a liking to a viking

When an Aussie bloke meets a hot kiwi sheila. Angus + Nicole married in her home town of Dannevirke surround by friends, family and some more Australians.

A run away security dog on the airport tarmac (rest in peace doggie), some changeable Dannevirke weather and a couple of purple goannas. Was a pearla of a wedding, here's a small snippet of their ripper of a day, you beauty!

Airforce Clean

Brendon + Sarah, taking a stroll as husband + wife

Brendon + Sarah married on their beautiful farm located in the back blocks of Whanganu. Surround by their closest friends + family and pet sheep Suzie.

Whanganui turned on a stunner of a day for us. Quick frame of the new husband and wife taking a stroll on the back paddock. More to come from these high flyers!