Toyota // 30 Years Market Leaders Awards

Recently I was commissioned to produce the Toyota 30 Years Awards night print design collateral. This consisted of a number of different elements, from dinner menu, table paper sculptures and chocolate boxes to name a few. With a short time frame, numerous design element changes due to manufacturing limitations, and being the most busiest time of year for myself, it made for a fun yet challenging project.

The theme was fire and ice, so my first element I worked on was a base for the chocolate box. With the theme in mind, it needed to portray the fire and ice theme, be able to hold two chocolates, which would also each specifically represent fire and ice. This was done by having one chocolate with chilli (fire)  and another with mint (ice), they were also hand painted to match the colour theme of the overall design. Produced and handcrafted by the team at La Petit Chocolates in the Hawke's Bay. The box itself, when formed, represented a flame, held together with a ribbon, this would open to reveal the chocolates and lay flat in a snowflake to incorporate the ice element. From there, this would carry across with the rest of the design theme.

The table centre pieces and table numbers used the same dieblock design from the chocolate boxes to help carry the design through and keep the theme cohesive. The table name tags were also diecut with a single snowflake, when folded giving a 3D form.

The menu which used various substrates and printing techniques was simplified due to manufacturing errors and production time. This gave the menu a premium feel. A Spot UV gloss snowflake effect was created to overlay on the outside of the trifold menu to go with the blind embossed Toyota logo to a subtle effect but also a textural and visual contrast. The menu itself was printed onto opaque stock (which mimicked the look of actual ice). This helped tie in the menu to the ice element of the evening.

Below is a selection of some of the design elements used on the multiple awards nights held throughout the country.

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