Thank YOU, stay AWESOME!!!

As another epic year wraps up, I am grateful for the opportunities I've been given, the places I've been able to travel and most of all, the opportunity to meet a whole lot of awesome people along the way.

Wedding photography is my dream job. Who doesn't love spending a week in the islands pool side with a bunch of awesome people, cracking up at hilarious stories and jokes and eating and drinking some wicked treats! All while taking pictures!

Big shout out and thanks to all of my couples, my friends and my family for having me.

Thank you for letting me shoot your wedding. Thank you for letting me give you and your family smiles. Thank you for letting me capture those memories.

Here's a quick mish mash of photos from this epic year, bring on 2016. Let's smash it!

Finally, thanks for letting us make awesome happen!

Copyright David Le 2015